At Jade Eli Technologies we believe that gamifying systems enhances learning in this digital age. This belief lends itself to innovating interesting applications for enterprises considering knowledge transfer, employee incentivisation, training, product development and customer engagement.

According to the World Bank, there were 6.6 billion mobile phone users in 2013 with a predicted 30% year on year growth. People are buying through their mobile phones, using them in-store to validate coupons, or social networking, or using GPS-enabled apps. Increase in the use of display devices such as smartphones and tablets result in increases in both user acquisition and retention rates. The effective elements in-app are rewards, virtual goods, badges, leaderboards and progress display.

Some of the leading enterprise applications for gamification include:

Enterprise Application Use cases
  • Team competitions, leaderboards and rewards that typically motivate sales teams
  • Real time visibility and feedback
  • Customised featured challenges that connect to performance management and individualised training and growth plans
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration
Performance Management and Training
  • Goal setting and self-competition
  • Tracking of training and CSR contributions with sharing and social networking capabilities
  • Self-setting growth plans linked to intrinsic motivation
Employee Evangelism Programmes
  • Gamify your employees sharing of good new stories about your organisation, number of tweets and instagram pictures and workplace accomplishments.
Professional Communities
  • Motivating people to contribute to and boost knowledge / productivity exponentially
  • Rewarding blogging, answering questions on forums, contributing to wiki pages or submitting white papers
Project Management
  • Develop gamified systems that tracks task lists and assigns skills points for tasks completed
  • Tracks development of mastery by “leveling up” and rewards not just completion of tasks, but becoming masterful at particular categories
Learning and Training
  • Turn your business processes into and online game with rich storylines and characterisation where people get to learn important skills required in your enterprise in a virtual world.
  • Enhance company wide product knowledge by creating product “quests” and rewards

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