“Taking advantage of advances in robotics, 3D printing and Al is critical to driving greater efficiency, lowering costs and improving
safety for many sectors and particularly niche suppliers.”

Jade Eli Technologies leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enrich Applications and Processes and to enable modelling systems and algorithms based on complex data that cannot be described but only learned. Incorporating developments in IoT to other AI applications, we work with organizations to combine AI systems with distributed ledger technology, low-code and gamification to streamline efficiencies and break new ground in product development

Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 80 percent of enterprise IoT projects will include an AI component, up from only 10 percent today

Some examples, where Al and Machine Learning can be applied to a business context:

  • Turnin Databases into Useful Intelligence
  • Business Dashboards
  • Insights
  • Predicting Repairs and Upkeep for Machinery Monitoring
  • Machine Fleets and Factories
  • Decreasing the Cost of Audit by Providing Immutable, Audit
  • Trails
  • Automating Supply Chain Management
  • Developing Decentralised Learning Systems

Al use cases in empowering business intelligence is evolving into everyday business. Companies can now use machines algorithms to identify trends and insights in enormous volumes of data, making faster decisions that can improve our client competitiveness.

Jade Eli Technologies assists in providing leadership in innovation and supports clients to leverage this power.

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