Humans are lazy… or is it just me ? In the digital technological past when everything was still disconnected, in the era before the internet, writing basic code was a skill required to enable more complex solutions and software – a bit bit like atom that are combined into more complex molecules, organisms or materials. Today – unless there is a significant new basic language construct invented which really doesn’t happen very often – it’s mostly about combining existing things into new, creative ideas – and sometimes not so new or creative. If you compare complex molecules to code, then it turns into functions and software libraries, some specialised to solve a specific problem or to address a specific problem space. With cloud computing and PSAAS (Problem Solving as a Service) many specialised organisms exist these days that can turn a query into a result that the requesting organism – you or your IT department can then use to utilize it in your specialized arrangement of code. But way too many thing are still repeated over and over again. So many developers worldwide spend so much time on repeating the same task over and over again in multiple programming language – it’s appauling how many development hours that could be invested into innovation are burned on mondane work that has been performed many many times before.

DeepCoder , an AI development tool was able to combine existing code blocks found on the internet to comply to a spec provided to it to develop a piece of more advanced software or organism. Critics might say that the specification had to be significantly detailed in order to achieve this; which is fair enough; but these types of solutions will get better and will soon act as real assistive technology for a developer to complete repetetive tasks. DeepCoder, create me a shopping cart and connect it to paypal and stripe. All this code exists, either in blocks publicly posted or as a whole library set. Why do we need a developer to google for it (unless he is too pround of his own code thinking he/she can do it better and writes it from scratch – efficiency hooray) and then copy and paste it or link to it on GitHub and then combine that with the current work ? AI can do that, will do that soon and get better at it as you ever were.

What will be the future role of the developer if 80% of work (to be honest, the boring bit) is taken away by semi-intelligent assistive technology, possibly self trained to meet the individuals specific needs ? Right – that should be the interesting 20% that are actually innovative, special, exciting. The bits that require some brainpower rather than just overtime at night to implement something that was done before. Nature combines molecules into organism or organs and body parts and combines them into something, maybe a human. We are far off from that stage in software evolution, but we have clearly left the molecule stage and heading more towards real organism with a purpose with cloud computing, specialised APIs around services containerization. It’s time to take effort away from developers and move them into tools using exactly those elements to make them more efficient and more productive.

As we wrote in a previous article on how to turn our grandmothers into developers, existing Low Code Technologies and future visionary Assistive Artificial Intelligence and Automation (AAIAA) can support individuals and organisations with their IT (Innovation/Transformation, because that’s what it should really stand for) tasks. We want developers to stop developing and start innovating. When I talk to developers and I present them with a project about and Insurance Portal or App or a Booking System of some kind or a Shopping solution or the 100 Salesforce or SAP integration they are bored – and they should be. They do it because we pay them for it but are they excited ? Are those the projects that get them excited and for which they will get up in the morning burning with enthusiasm ? No – and you know what ? They shouldn’t. It pays the bills, maybe let’s them get experience to move up on the career ladder, maybe has them learn a relevant skill; But it’s not the task that they are really excited about.

So what we really need to do is to create the AAIAA Technologies so our developers are excited again and our IT organisations are efficient and deliver our business departments the value-add that is required for improving or creating our competitive advantage. I don’t want to hire developers for their Java, .NET, Javascript, PHP or OutSystems/Mendix skills anymore. I want to hire them for their ability to innovate.

Let’s talk about #DigitalEvolution, let’s talk about #AAIAA