There was a time when the Internet cost me 400 Deutsche Mark per month – my mom thought I was crazy spending that amount of money for it where she was struggling to pay rent and get food on the table, but it was money I worked for so she let me do it. I used it to download music and maps for Half-Life mostly – I was a collector. It wasn’t so much about playing them all – well – in a way it was; it was more about having them. In hindsight I wonder how much music I could have bought legally for that money rather than getting illegal copies and how much money I could have saved if I would have organised myself better with my peers and how much better that will likely have made me feel – although I always wanted to be a pirate…. I guess that was the extend of it. Some of that money of course went into online gaming – an old habit – but fundamentally it was just to suck the hell out of the net…. Those were good times.

In 2001, I had a vision about a web based operating system that would make all other systems superfluous and add another abstraction layer on top of base system. Drivers would be written for Browsers (Extensions/Plugins ?) and everything would be interpreted. It could run on any device – all you had to do was to write the drivers to access the hardware. I never realised that I was actually a thought leader at the time and that a large amount of those ideas are today realised in HTML and partially in Smart Phones or Tablets – but the vision is still incomplete. Gardner predicts that mobile development will morph and merge into general purpose development in the next 3-5 years so what I thought more than 20 years ago might eventually because some kind of reality. If only I would have been brave enough at the time…..

After having lived in the UK – or somewhere close, as London is not necessarily a part of the UK anymore, I saw tons of cool apps, portals, digital experiences and generally new business ideas crop up that have shaped my mindset and most importantly also my expectations when it comes to digital. When travelling back to Germany or to my partner and the home country of my old company, Portugal I was and in fact am always shocked about the state of Digitisation and the quality of the experiences that I am presented with. The amount of work that needs to be done, the amount of money that can be saved by improving processes, data access, user experiences and user interfaces…..

The new business opportunities that could be created if organisations could get rid of their old junk or mobilise the information that exists within their companies. So many so far behind. There is a reason why CDO’s or even CDTO’s – Chief Digital Officers and Chief Digital Transformation Offers – and the likes are title more often found on LinkedIn but fundamentally I still don’t see enough of them – it just takes too long; I don’t have the patience.

Digital Evolution is taking Digital Transformation to the next level. Transformation is partial nonsense – it’s the conversion of something that is in state A into state B and then… stop ? Evolution is a continued process to transform and have infinite iterations to adapt to an ever changing environment – so it is fundamentally the only thing that makes sense. Everyone is somewhere else on the digital evolutionary ladder – in different stages and they all need to transform to adapt… but really what they need to do is evolve. Let’s talk #DigitalEvolution from now on.