With offices in Malta, Portugal and Germany, Jade Eli Technologies is a leader in innovation strategy, enablement and delivery working with medium, large and enterprise organisations across industries. With expertise in technologies including OutSystems Low-Code, Blockchain, Enterprise AI, IoT and Gamified Systems, JET engages methodologies such as agile development and quality and performance enhancement. JET works with client’s teams using technology to optimise operational excellence and performance.

We use our Digital Evolution model to ensure that clients not only receive the strategic and delivery support they require, but that are trained and enabled to become self-sufficient in managing these new technologies internally. We custom design clear roadmaps for clients that defines and maps a clear pathway to adopting new technology according to best practice, in a way that they can easily scale.

The JET Digital Evolution Model

Our Vision

Operate as a global leader in innovation strategy and enablement, bringing thought leadership and breakthrough initiatives to client organisations. In doing so, we can ensure that technology is used to solve complex business, social and environmental issues, meeting both corporate and sustainable development goals.



We are thought leaders in innovative problem solving and strategy and we make innovation a safe place for organisations to play, ensuring their investments deliver returns.


We bring depth of thought and creativity to everything we do, adopting best practice process, ensuring all of our deliverables maintain the highest standard of quality.


We welcome all genders, nationality and age groups to our table, ensuring diversity elevates our ability to solve complex problems and innovate breakthrough solutions. We foster multi-disciplinary teams.


Integrity means that everything we do has to achieve corporate goals as well as social and environmental goals.
We are driven by both corporate and sustainable development agendas.


Our mission is to innovate with clients to help them achieve breakthrough corporate results at the same time as working to align our activities with and contribute to the achievement of global sustainable development goals.